Banks that have aided SBF Privee’s Fraud

SBF Privee isn’t a Bank, its just a scammer pretending to be a bank! So SBF Privee has opened bank accounts at a variety of different banks and had customers pay their funds into those accounts. The real rated banks below have assisted, aided and abetted SBF Privee to steal millions of dollars from customers!

BankAddressCountrySwiftAccount #Account Name
Mashreq Bank339-C, Al Riqqa Street, AGC, Al Ghurair City, DubaiUAEBOMLAEADAE060330000019100176733Societe General Fze
Novo Banco SAMadeiraPortugalBESCPTPLOSFPT50000709030009535140122Credit Foncier
Kbh AndelskasseCopenhagenDenmarkKOANDKKKDK1078720006200328
Raiffeisen BankBudapestHungryUBRTHUHBXXXHU31120105010168255400200009

IMPORTANT: If you are a victim of the SBF Privee scam and you paid your deposit funds for SBF Privee to an account that isnt listed above, please email us a copy of your bank wire showing the Bank coordinates you wired funds to so we can add it to this list.

This is a sophisticated, international multi country scam and Interpol should be tracing the funds going through these banks accounts and arresting the scammer that had defrauded so many people through SBF Privee.

This is what happens when you try and Wire Funds from your SBF Privee Bank Account

SBF Privee receive clients deposits and NEVER pay them out. It’s a SCAM! This is what happens when you try and make a wire transfer out of your account. 5 days after you complete the wire transfer request on SBF Privees online Banking Software you receive this email…..

This is what happens when you try and Wire Funds from your SBF Privee Bank Account

The above email is a real email from a real SBF Privee client that had more than enough money in his account for this wire payment to be completed but SBF Privee Declined it! No reason is given for the Decline, they just wont EVER let you withdraw funds because SBF Privee is a Scam!

You pay them the money and then you can NEVER get it Back!!!!

Largest Bank Scam Involving 7 Banks!

Secure Platform Funding BUSTS Massive 7 Bank Scam

Secure Platform Funding’s Forensics Fraud Investigators have today uncovered what they believe could possibly be the Largest Banking Scam ever Exposed! 7 Different Banks are involved in taking customer deposits and then declining to EVER pay funds out. The scam has been running since 2014 and potentially has scammed millions and millions of dollars. Many customers of the 7 Banks we have uncovered still don’t know they paid their deposit money to a fake bank that is NEVER going to give them a cent back. But what is most shocking is that all 7 Fake Banks are owned and operated by 1 Scammer who masterminded the entire process. 

Largest Bank Scam Involving 7 Banks!

This information isn’t being sourced from anywhere else! Secure Platform Funding is the source! This is our story! Secure Platform Fundings forensic fraud investigators have unmasked the Largest Bank Fraud with 7 Banks and a complex company fraud structure supporting the entire scamming operation.

You read it here first! One Scammer operating 7 Different Fake Banks for up to 5 years taking millions in cash and NEVER paying out a cent.

The only company to investigate this…… Secure Platform Funding! The only company to uncover this elaborate sophisticated fraud and discover all 7 Fake Banks are owned by the 1 Scammer is Secure Platform Funding! Secure Platform Funding got to the truth no one else could find!

For the first time ever Secure Platform Funding announces that ALL of the following Banks are commonly owned and operating the same sophisticated scam.

The banks involved in this scam are:

• Delta West Credit Bank –

• Credit Foncier –

• Credit Foncier International Trade & Finance –

• Societe Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privee –

• St George Bank –

• Hottinger & Cie International Banque –

• CG Bank –

But it actually gets worse….

This same scammer who owns each of the above banks also setup two different offshore company formation services websites where he sells offshore company incorporation’s and opens the customers bank accounts in his own banks for the clients to deposit all their cash! These two company formation websites are: and

But it gets worse! In addition to operating 7 Fake Banks and 2 International Company Formation websites, the scammer  also created Two Fake Financial Authority websites so he could show unsuspecting clients his fake banks were registered with a fake financial authority! This gave each of the bank the allure of genuineness.

The Two Financial Authorities he set up are:

1/ Mwali International Services Authority at is FAKE! The real website for the Comoros Financial Regulator is: and is in French. 

2/ Central Reserve Authority of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic at is FAKE! The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic doesn’t have a Financial Regulator so this scammer created his own one!

But it gets worse!

As recorded here by, this scammer also created his own Fake intermediary bank! Here is what the says:

“Credit Foncier uses a correspondent bank or payment processor referred to as “Saint George Bankers and Trust”.  That is not a typographic error.  That is the supposed name of the processor.  Their website is:

As with the name of Credit Foncier (which is taken from a legitimate bank in France), the name of the correspondent  bank appears to be created to make it appear legitimate as well.  There are several international banking groups with names similar to “St. George’s Bank and Trust” located in the Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, etc.  But these are legitimate licensed banks, some of which have been around for many decades and have branches in multiple countries.

The “Saint George Bankers and Trust”  is simply a website created to look like a legitimate bank through which transfers go to and from Credit Foncier. However, the website for Credit Foncier and website for Saint George were created by the same people! We know this because the text on two of the pages below is identical.

Both websites purport to offer the service of opening up a corporate account. Notice the text that starts with “Please, follow the below five steps…”. The text of the remaining paragraphs on both of these websites (that are supposedly for two different organizations) is identical. Either one of the organizations copied the other verbatim, or they are both part of the same sham operation!

The only reasonable conclusion is that this is a cleverly and elaborately created sham bank to separate unsuspecting victims from their money, forever. The perpetrators of this scam have even created a fake correspondent bank as well as a fake government regulator website.”

But it gets worse!

The Secure Platform Funding Forensic Experts have confirmed that all of the 7 Bank websites, 2 Company Formation Websites, 2 Financial Authority Websites all operates from the same low end webserver with a paid hosting company. None of the bank websites are on secure servers! Which means in additional to one scammer owning and operating everything, he also has exposed every one of his banking customers data to being insecure and be available to be easily accessed and used illegally all over the internet.

So not only have clients LOST all the money they paid these 7 banks, they also may have had their identities, Passports  and IDs that were used to open their bank accounts at these 7 banks or the 2 Company Formation websites…. stolen and used for any number of illegal activities. This is a MASSIVE Scandal! 

But it gets worse!

Here is the full list of websites the Secure Platform Funding Forensic Team has identified are likely associated with the scammer:


It is very likely that some of those websites have been used or are scheduled to be used to scam more customers out of more money.

Secure Platform Funding has now formally BUSTED THIS ENTIRE SCAM RING! In 5 years we are the ONLY company who has got to the truth, examined the evidence and connected the dots. In the coming months this article will become the rallying point for clients of each of the 7 banks to realize they have collectively been scammed out of millions of dollars. Our hope is that law enforcement authorities will take the information we have provided in this article and find the perpetrators responsible for this elaborate fraud. 

The Board of Secure Platform Funding would like to express our sincere appreciation to our CEO Mr Bruce Green who has led this investigation and directed our team to go through mountains of evidence over many many months. It is Mr Greens skill, patience and direction that gave Secure Platform Funding the breakthrough that finally resulted in every aspect of this scammers entire 5 year operation being completely and publicly exposed here in this article.

Reference:- This article was supplied, authored and written by Secure Platform Funding and is used with Secure Platform Funding’s permission.

This is what happens when you close your SBF Privee Bank Account!

When you close your SBF Privee Bank account they refuse to wire your funds to you because a bank wire can be traced and the fraud exposed quickly. So instead SBF Privee mail you a “Cashiers Check” from Credit Foncier. They can send you a SBF Privee Cashiers Check because SBF Privee doesn’t exist as a bank and doesn’t have its own bank accounts anywhere (more on this in a different article).

The below Cashiers Check is the photo of the actual check sent by SBF Privee to a client who opened his bank account with SBF Privee on the 31st August 2018 and closed it in February 2019.  

The cheque issued by SBF Privee is FAKE!

Below is a real example of a Bank Cashier Check

A real cashiers cheque has the following information:

  1. Bank routing number
  2. Customer account number
  3. Check numbers
  4. Magnetic strip in the check that all bank systems recognize to trace the bank that issued it
  5. Issuing Banks full name and address

SBFPrivees “Bank Cashiers Check has NONE of that information

Needless to say when is SBF Privee client went to bank his Fake SBF Privee “Cashiers Check” in his own bank, he was told by the bank its fake, you cant bank a fake check and we are now launching a fraud investigation.

So the SBF Privee customer contacted Credit Foncier at (this is another fake bank operated by the same scammers who operate SBFPrivee). The customer had the following conversation with Credit Foncier regarding his “Cashiers Check”

Ha ha ha ha so now the only way the SBF Privee Customer can get his funds is to fly to the Comoros Islands and go to Credit Foncier Bank Branch and ask to “cash his check”.

The only problem is Credit Foncier in the Comoros Islands doesn’t exist! There is no branch to cash a check at, it’s a Fake Bank started, run and administered by the same owners of SBF Privee!

Post all the information from this link:

So SBF Privee just sent you on a wild goose chase that leads nowhere! You cant ever get your money from SBF Privee, once you pay them the funds are gone for ever!

SBF Privee Lies to try and explain the Website!

On the 23rd April 2019 shortly after launched, SBF Privee created this letter and sent it to customers.

SBF Privee Lies to try and explain the Website!

Let us respond with the facts:

  1. The website is not established by any SBF Privee “Competitor”, it is established by a group of SBF Privee customers who had all our deposit money stolen by SBF Privee!
  2. Collectively we have records of SBF Privee customers who have lost millions of dollars to the SBF Privee Banking Scam. We simply want to save other customers from losing their money too!
  3. There is no location in the Comoros Islands for SPF Privee, no Bank, no physical location, no staff, no office, NOTHING!
  4. SPF Privees letter refers to a fake government website that purports to show that SPF Privee is a licensed bank in the Comoros.  This is a fake website!  The real website for the Comoros financial regulator is:  and is in French. is NOT a real site and is not the Comoros financial regulator!
  5. The Facts on this website are 100% real, the details we provide are 100% factual and we provide this information solely to inform clients so they can AVOID THE SBF PRIVEE BANKING SCAM!
  6. The attachments referred to in this letter of License Certificate, Deposit Guarantee Scheme, and Financial Statement for the past year have never been provided to any client and we would love to see copies of them so we can expose them as the fake documents they are!

In Summary this Bank received client deposits and steals your funds. They never allow you to withdraw you funds! They arent regulated, don’t have an office anywhere and the only evidence they provide of their licensing is a fake website they themselves established. Stay Away from SPF Privee for you will be scammed! operating Multiple Scams! isn’t on a secure bank server, its on a low end webserver with a paid hosting company.

We discovered that is operating a suite of scam companies on its own webserver. The list of companies operating on SBFprivee.coms web server is below: operating Multiple Scams

That list is damming evidence!

This is a very sophisticated scam where the scammer has taken a lot of time to construct and copy multiple sites to his own webserver and then link those sites to each other to provide the illusion of credibility when in fact they are all owned and operated by the same person.

The list above shows that all of the following Fake Banks are operated by the same Scammer that operates!

7 Bank Scam sites all stealing from customers and feeding one scammer who owns SPFPrivee.

Law enforcement Authorities CANNOT Ignore the depth, sophistication and SERIOUSNESS of this Scam. They MUST act and launch a full and detailed investigation IMMEDIATELY!

Also Read :- get a Trust Score of 0%

SBFP Bank Scam – it is still scamming

sbfp bank scam - it is still scamming

SBFP’s scam scheme is going on for two decades, however there are still lots of people are being scammed. Few day ago, I read an article about recent SBFP bank scam.

In this article, A person called to his friend and asked him that he need to cash a cheque of bank of Comoros Islands named Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank (SBFP). His friend replied “It’s a scam bank” without wasting a second.

Then he told his friend that he opened an offshore bank account in SBFP bank. They took deposits in and then refuse to pay any funds out. So, he closed his offshore SBFP account and he got a cheque of Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank, Comoros Islands.

This whole process only took 3-4 days to convince that guy and he had been scammed easily!
His story is the same as many others who scammed by SBFP bank’s executives.

There are lots of complaint and bad reviews available online about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank Scam but their executives are still scamming those peoples who are unaware about their fraud.

Well, let’s say that that guy scammed by SBFP because of his unawareness and lack of knowledge. In fact, he could find a lots of article of SBFP scam and complaints easily, If he just did google search about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank before transferring any money to their account.

Now question is that How to investigate about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank, Comoros Islands?

How to investigate the existence and reputation of the offshore bank

Let’s take a look at what my friend should have done to analyze the presumed bank:

  1. The website (incredibly still active) is done well, but not on the level of a bank; we can, however, find the website of the fake register of banks of Mwali Island,, where we find a wide list of fake banks, fake insurances, fake brokers, fake gambling licenses.
  2. The site has the https but not the https EV (extended validation) that all banks and financial companies have, and which guarantees the existence and location of the company: if this is missing, start to seriously distrust it!
  3. He needed to control by calling the local financial authorities, which will never have a .com site. We can find it on In this case, the site doesn’t even the https, but don’t worry, the Banca d’Italia site doesn’t have .it, either. You have to go to France to find the https on the .fr site of the central bank and to America to find the https and the .gov (the Government site) on the Federal Reserve’s site.
  4. In any case, the Central Bank of the Comoros’ website, because of the amount of published documents and information, you can see that it’s authentic and, in fact, you just have to insert the word offshore into the search box and the document “La Banque Centrale des Comores lutte contre l’exercice illégal d’activité de banques offshores”, meaning: The Central Bank of the Comoros fights against the illegal practice of offshore banking activity. Only the banks that have a license to operate in the Federation of the Comoros Islands appear in the document

We can establish from this short investigation that’s not hard to start searching for banking scams, but it’s not easy, either, because scammers have evolved, they have a more attractive internet banking facade than some real offshore banks, increasingly more sophisticated websites and professional scammers ready to explain to you why their banking license is real.

Then, on a legal level, it’s difficult to attack them because they work with virtual addresses, virtual phones and who work with VPN from their own homes.

Therefore, it’s hard to establish where the crime has been committed and the reports, generally, end up going nowhere, also because many people don’t want to tell an authority that they have sent money (maybe even undeclared) to a supposed offshore bank.

Furthermore, the fact about the check that my friend commented on is very intelligent, since many jurisdictions allow cheque to be issued by a company and so, if the impossibility of cashing in on this debt claim can’t be proved, they will be unable to prove there was a scam.

In addition, you have to keep in mind that their strong point is ignorance (in the sense of lack of knowledge) and so they envisage fake banks, not only in the Comoros but also in other under-developed countries like Vanuatu, Somalia, etc., all little-known countries, with poor communications and uncooperative officials.

Check complaint review HERE!

Be Aware of SBFP BANK SCAM!!

Read Reference Article Here

Société Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privée Bank Complaint Review

Société Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privée Bank Complaint Review

According to website’s complaint & review, This is fake bank of Comoros Islands. The Registrar of the bank seems to be a scam as well. Lawyers from Comoros and Mwali International Service Authorities do not exist.

There are still lots of people are being scammed by Tons of articles, review are publish all over the internet. If you just search “SBFP scam” then you will find many victims complaints.

Therefore, Be Aware of SBFPRIVEE.COM !!

Also, Investigate Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank existence and reputation HERE!

Read Full Complaint Review Here

SBFP Is Fake Bank

SBFP is another fake offshore banks claiming to be operating in The Comoros Islands. The Comoros Islands does NOT have any licensed offshore banks.

SBFP’s scam scheme is going on for two decades, however
their executives are still scamming lot of people. Their Website is

Just google “SBFP complaints’ and you will find lots of complaints by victims.

Fake Offshore Banks SBFP Is Fake Bank

Investigate Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank existence and reputation HERE!

If you have any question about OR you are a victim OR You knew any scam / fraud then please write us.

Read Full Review Here Reviews | Scam or safe? get a Trust Score of 0%

This site is using an anonymous service – which prevents identifying the site owner. This can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites use this as a method to hide their identify.

There are lots of complaint and bad reviews available online about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank Scam.

Therefore, It is a fake offshore bank and involved in scams. Reviews | Scam or safe?

Did you heard about any scam of SBFPRIVEE.COM?

  • If NOT then you could be their next victim. because their executives are still scamming those peoples who are unaware about their fraud.
  • If YES then tell SBFP frauds to other peoples. Also write us about their scam. We will publish it on our website.

Also, Investigate Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank existence and reputation HERE!

Read Full Detail Here