operating Multiple Scams! isn’t on a secure bank server, its on a low end webserver with a paid hosting company.

We discovered that is operating a suite of scam companies on its own webserver. The list of companies operating on SBFprivee.coms web server is below: operating Multiple Scams

That list is damming evidence!

This is a very sophisticated scam where the scammer has taken a lot of time to construct and copy multiple sites to his own webserver and then link those sites to each other to provide the illusion of credibility when in fact they are all owned and operated by the same person.

The list above shows that all of the following Fake Banks are operated by the same Scammer that operates!

7 Bank Scam sites all stealing from customers and feeding one scammer who owns SPFPrivee.

Law enforcement Authorities CANNOT Ignore the depth, sophistication and SERIOUSNESS of this Scam. They MUST act and launch a full and detailed investigation IMMEDIATELY!

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