This is what happens when you try and Wire Funds from your SBF Privee Bank Account

SBF Privee receive clients deposits and NEVER pay them out. It’s a SCAM! This is what happens when you try and make a wire transfer out of your account. 5 days after you complete the wire transfer request on SBF Privees online Banking Software you receive this email…..

This is what happens when you try and Wire Funds from your SBF Privee Bank Account

The above email is a real email from a real SBF Privee client that had more than enough money in his account for this wire payment to be completed but SBF Privee Declined it! No reason is given for the Decline, they just wont EVER let you withdraw funds because SBF Privee is a Scam!

You pay them the money and then you can NEVER get it Back!!!!

SBF Privee Lies to try and explain the Website!

On the 23rd April 2019 shortly after launched, SBF Privee created this letter and sent it to customers.

SBF Privee Lies to try and explain the Website!

Let us respond with the facts:

  1. The website is not established by any SBF Privee “Competitor”, it is established by a group of SBF Privee customers who had all our deposit money stolen by SBF Privee!
  2. Collectively we have records of SBF Privee customers who have lost millions of dollars to the SBF Privee Banking Scam. We simply want to save other customers from losing their money too!
  3. There is no location in the Comoros Islands for SPF Privee, no Bank, no physical location, no staff, no office, NOTHING!
  4. SPF Privees letter refers to a fake government website that purports to show that SPF Privee is a licensed bank in the Comoros.  This is a fake website!  The real website for the Comoros financial regulator is:  and is in French. is NOT a real site and is not the Comoros financial regulator!
  5. The Facts on this website are 100% real, the details we provide are 100% factual and we provide this information solely to inform clients so they can AVOID THE SBF PRIVEE BANKING SCAM!
  6. The attachments referred to in this letter of License Certificate, Deposit Guarantee Scheme, and Financial Statement for the past year have never been provided to any client and we would love to see copies of them so we can expose them as the fake documents they are!

In Summary this Bank received client deposits and steals your funds. They never allow you to withdraw you funds! They arent regulated, don’t have an office anywhere and the only evidence they provide of their licensing is a fake website they themselves established. Stay Away from SPF Privee for you will be scammed!

SBFP Bank Scam – it is still scamming

sbfp bank scam - it is still scamming

SBFP’s scam scheme is going on for two decades, however there are still lots of people are being scammed. Few day ago, I read an article about recent SBFP bank scam.

In this article, A person called to his friend and asked him that he need to cash a cheque of bank of Comoros Islands named Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank (SBFP). His friend replied “It’s a scam bank” without wasting a second.

Then he told his friend that he opened an offshore bank account in SBFP bank. They took deposits in and then refuse to pay any funds out. So, he closed his offshore SBFP account and he got a cheque of Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank, Comoros Islands.

This whole process only took 3-4 days to convince that guy and he had been scammed easily!
His story is the same as many others who scammed by SBFP bank’s executives.

There are lots of complaint and bad reviews available online about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank Scam but their executives are still scamming those peoples who are unaware about their fraud.

Well, let’s say that that guy scammed by SBFP because of his unawareness and lack of knowledge. In fact, he could find a lots of article of SBFP scam and complaints easily, If he just did google search about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank before transferring any money to their account.

Now question is that How to investigate about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank, Comoros Islands?

How to investigate the existence and reputation of the offshore bank

Let’s take a look at what my friend should have done to analyze the presumed bank:

  1. The website (incredibly still active) is done well, but not on the level of a bank; we can, however, find the website of the fake register of banks of Mwali Island,, where we find a wide list of fake banks, fake insurances, fake brokers, fake gambling licenses.
  2. The site has the https but not the https EV (extended validation) that all banks and financial companies have, and which guarantees the existence and location of the company: if this is missing, start to seriously distrust it!
  3. He needed to control by calling the local financial authorities, which will never have a .com site. We can find it on In this case, the site doesn’t even the https, but don’t worry, the Banca d’Italia site doesn’t have .it, either. You have to go to France to find the https on the .fr site of the central bank and to America to find the https and the .gov (the Government site) on the Federal Reserve’s site.
  4. In any case, the Central Bank of the Comoros’ website, because of the amount of published documents and information, you can see that it’s authentic and, in fact, you just have to insert the word offshore into the search box and the document “La Banque Centrale des Comores lutte contre l’exercice illégal d’activité de banques offshores”, meaning: The Central Bank of the Comoros fights against the illegal practice of offshore banking activity. Only the banks that have a license to operate in the Federation of the Comoros Islands appear in the document

We can establish from this short investigation that’s not hard to start searching for banking scams, but it’s not easy, either, because scammers have evolved, they have a more attractive internet banking facade than some real offshore banks, increasingly more sophisticated websites and professional scammers ready to explain to you why their banking license is real.

Then, on a legal level, it’s difficult to attack them because they work with virtual addresses, virtual phones and who work with VPN from their own homes.

Therefore, it’s hard to establish where the crime has been committed and the reports, generally, end up going nowhere, also because many people don’t want to tell an authority that they have sent money (maybe even undeclared) to a supposed offshore bank.

Furthermore, the fact about the check that my friend commented on is very intelligent, since many jurisdictions allow cheque to be issued by a company and so, if the impossibility of cashing in on this debt claim can’t be proved, they will be unable to prove there was a scam.

In addition, you have to keep in mind that their strong point is ignorance (in the sense of lack of knowledge) and so they envisage fake banks, not only in the Comoros but also in other under-developed countries like Vanuatu, Somalia, etc., all little-known countries, with poor communications and uncooperative officials.

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Be Aware of SBFP BANK SCAM!!

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The fake banks of the Comoros Islands

fake banks of the Comoros

SBFP is fake banks of the Comoros Islands. This scam scheme has been going on for two decades, Their executives are still scamming lot of people.

There are lots of complaint and bad reviews available online about Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank Scam but their executives are still scamming those peoples who are unaware about their frauds.

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Did you know about any scam / fraud of Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank? Write to us HERE. we will publish it on our website. It will aware other innocent people.

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