This is what happens when you close your SBF Privee Bank Account!

When you close your SBF Privee Bank account they refuse to wire your funds to you because a bank wire can be traced and the fraud exposed quickly. So instead SBF Privee mail you a “Cashiers Check” from Credit Foncier. They can send you a SBF Privee Cashiers Check because SBF Privee doesn’t exist as a bank and doesn’t have its own bank accounts anywhere (more on this in a different article).

The below Cashiers Check is the photo of the actual check sent by SBF Privee to a client who opened his bank account with SBF Privee on the 31st August 2018 and closed it in February 2019.  

The cheque issued by SBF Privee is FAKE!

Below is a real example of a Bank Cashier Check

A real cashiers cheque has the following information:

  1. Bank routing number
  2. Customer account number
  3. Check numbers
  4. Magnetic strip in the check that all bank systems recognize to trace the bank that issued it
  5. Issuing Banks full name and address

SBFPrivees “Bank Cashiers Check has NONE of that information

Needless to say when is SBF Privee client went to bank his Fake SBF Privee “Cashiers Check” in his own bank, he was told by the bank its fake, you cant bank a fake check and we are now launching a fraud investigation.

So the SBF Privee customer contacted Credit Foncier at (this is another fake bank operated by the same scammers who operate SBFPrivee). The customer had the following conversation with Credit Foncier regarding his “Cashiers Check”

Ha ha ha ha so now the only way the SBF Privee Customer can get his funds is to fly to the Comoros Islands and go to Credit Foncier Bank Branch and ask to “cash his check”.

The only problem is Credit Foncier in the Comoros Islands doesn’t exist! There is no branch to cash a check at, it’s a Fake Bank started, run and administered by the same owners of SBF Privee!

Post all the information from this link:

So SBF Privee just sent you on a wild goose chase that leads nowhere! You cant ever get your money from SBF Privee, once you pay them the funds are gone for ever!